Strategies for Selecting A Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Biometric Technology enables identification of human according to intrinsic physical characteristics. There are many parts of the body that are generally employed for biometric identification for example fingerprint, face, iris, and palm. Fingerprint is the one which most broadly employed for identification system. Besides showing unique pattern for each individual, fingerprint also possess other attributes making it popular biometric object for example simple to capture, consistent throughout human lifespan and let quick verification.

Today, fingerprint machine continues to be broadly utilized as standard office equipments. Its usage encompasses number of purposes. It’s employed for manipulating the physical security access, authenticating privilege for particular business process, as well as recording time attendance. This short article mainly discusses the final issue, that is to enable you to choose fingerprint machine like a time attendance recorder. Below are some features that you need to consider when selecting fingerprint machine:

Kind of Sensor: sensor is an essential a part of fingerprint machine. It captures the look of fingerprint prior to being changed into unique identification number. There’s two most typical kinds of sensors: optical sensor and plastic sensor.

Optical Sensor may be the earliest kind of sensor. It’s simpler to apply and comparatively more stable in diverse 70 degrees. Nonetheless its performance is going to be highly determined by the clearness from the optical surface. Because of this, when selecting fingerprint machine with optical sensor, you should think about the coated optical sensor. The coat prevents the sensor from being touched directly and maintains the clearness of optical surface.

Plastic Sensor is newer technology, it constructs fingerprint image by mapping pressure or capacitance variations between your skin and also the plastic nick. Fraxel treatments offers several positive aspects like creating a better fingerprint image, occupying smaller sized space, and requiring smaller sized to budget implement. However, unprotected plastic sensor won’t be durable for frequent usage. Consequently, Plastic Sensor isn’t generally employed for public usage for example time attendance machine that’ll be utilized countless occasions everyday.

Capacity of Fingerprint Template: capacity of fingerprint template is most of fingerprint image that may be stored inside the Fingerprint Machine. You should select a fingerprint machine which has fingerprint template a minimum of two times all the worker. By getting quantity of fingerprint template two times the quantity of worker, each worker can register a backup finger when the machine includes a problem for identification.

Capacity of Log Buffer: capacity of log buffer may be the most of log transactions that may be stored temporarily within the Fingerprint Machine. Time attendance transaction log is generally stored for a few days prior to being downloaded into database sever. Therefore, the capability of log buffer should be several occasions (usually greater than five occasions) larger than quantity of worker.

Installing a time attendance system at your workplace is a great way to boost productivity. You can expect to keep a track of your employees, and the initial investment will pay off in the long run. Check for services now.