Six Tips when Installing Bathroom Vanities that Stand Out

Bathroom vanities have come a long way in both functionality and design. Gone were the days when bathroom vanities had to be blue and yellow built-in sinks and laminate counters. People today have a lot of options for vanities with each bathroom element entirely customizable. If you are looking for the right vanity for your house, here are some tips that can help you.

Pink a Unique Sink from the Many Varieties Available

Sink varieties can run from standard under-counter, wall-mounted to bowl sinks. No matter what your style preference is, pick a piece that stands out. You will need this piece to be a focal point in your bathroom. A lot of people choose modern bowl-style sinks and infinity-style under counter-mounted sinks. In general, experts recommend neutral tones when it comes to color to provide a broad appeal which will add to your home’s value.

Go for Bold Color

Bathroom vanities have been made of neutrally-toned cabinetry. However, you can break this trend. Consider adding a splash of color to your washroom by having a vanity in bold color.

Consider Using Furniture

Furniture-style vanities are available to give your bathroom a new appeal. Expect these pieces to have an old-desk look. These are models created out of wood to provide them an ancient look. They can give class and style to any washroom. But remember that when you use this type of vanities, you have to get a matching faucet and accents. This is how you will achieve harmony in all your bathroom features.

Use Accent Elements

Adding an accent element can be done by using a noticeable piece such as old cabinet door shutters or vintage doors. You actually have many options here. You just need to unleash the created side in you. Also, you can ask suggestions from bathroom renovation professionals.

Think about Having a Built-in Vanity

A vanity built in on the wall will give your more floor space while offering you an accent piece. And if there’s an empty wall in your bathroom, you can fill it in with this type of vanity.

Use Pre-Fabricated Kitchen Cabinet

If your budget does not allow you to buy or install a customized bathroom vanity, you can use a pre-fabricated kitchen cabinet. It only takes matching and mixing pieces so you can come up with a unique and high-class bathroom vanity without having to spend lots of money.