Are You Suffering from Joint Pain? Here Is the Remedy

One of the oldest treatments in alternative medicine, soaking in warm water, is advocated for relieving sore joints and muscles. To back up the therapy, research shows that this type of treatment approach is beneficial for relieving a range of musculoskeletal complaints including lower back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

A Prolonged Therapeutic Effect

When you soak in warm water, you automatically loosen the joints, thereby reducing the impact of chronic pain. Plus, soaking in warm water has a prolonged effect that surpasses the time that you spend in the water itself.

The Blood Flow Is Increased as Well

When you take time to sit back and relax in a hot tub in Leicester, the force of gravity is reduced. In turn, this type of appliance offers total support for sore limbs and muscles and can lower the inflammation and swelling of compressed joints. Not only that, but the blood flow is increased as well.

Stay in the Tub for at Least 20 Minutes

In order to receive the full benefits of a warm water or spa soak, health experts recommend that patients immerse themselves for at least 20 minutes. They also add that it is important to drink water before and after your time in a tub to make sure that you remain hydrated.

Practice the Following Measures

When you choose this form of therapy, you can make the most of it as well by practicing the following steps.

  • Don’t set the tub temperature too high. Water that is too hot, especially for a cardiovascular patient, places too much stress on the heart muscle. The temperature range should be set at between 33 and 38 degrees Celsius. Any setting over 40 degrees Celsius is considered dangerous.
  • Whilst you can sit back in a hot tub, you also want to make sure that you move around a bit too. Practice some gentle stretching exercises whilst you are in the tub and follow up by stretching outside the tub as well. This will encourage the circulation and free up frozen joints or muscles that are stiff.
  • You can also practice a bit of warm-water exercise when you are in the spa. Studies have found that patients who have arthritic pain or suffer from fibromyalgia decreased their level of pain by as much as 40% when they exercised in their spas.

Needless to say, if you want to avoid the side effects of pain medicines and feel better mentally and physically, you will invest your money wisely and add a spa upgrade inside or outside your living space. In addition to the health benefits that you will receive, you can fit this aquatic accessory into a small area and still receive the same advantages enjoyed when using a full-sized pool.

Plus, hot tubs are easier and more economical to maintain than their full-sized counterparts, which is all the more reason you need to review the hot tub choices that are featured online. Find a company that offers the best prices and also designs its spas to the highest specifications.